Geometry Nodes: Neon Sign Generator

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Here's a procedural neon sign generator for your blender projects!

It was originally created for the nodevember prompt 'red', but I've updated it since then and made it considerably cleaner and more intuitive.

This is a test to utilize the new text nodes for blender 3.0.

You can use this for free in any project, but make sure to look at the license of any font you use. I am honestly fine with you using my file for any purpose without attribution, just don't be a jerk and claim you were the original creator. Look at the Info tab in the blend file for more details.

I'll be updating this as I go on, and as blender gains new features.

Recent Update:

  • I've cleaned up the cables and made them much more elegant. The cables now have more options for sag and randomness.

  • The stripes now have an option to be vertical.

  • Added more info, annotations, and notes.

  • I found it is troublesome to set the font in each nodetree and duplicate it every time you want a variation, so I made it one nodetree and moved the text generation outside. Now all the options are within the master tree, and it's easier to see how it can be used in a larger project.

  • I created a new example display to show my new features and give an example of how icon fonts can be used.

  • I actually packed the fonts into the .blend file. I apologize for forgetting to do this the first time.

Thanks for your support!

15 ratings
  • You'll get a fully annotated .blend file with a reusable nodegroup.

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    2.37 MB
  • You'll get a fully annotated .blend file with a reusable nodegroup.
  • Size2.37 MB


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Geometry Nodes: Neon Sign Generator

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